Alexi O'Dannan was the adopted child of Claire O'Dannan and Henry Silverstine, that was tragically killed in the collapse of the Manor during the final events of Corruption 3, alongside her sister Kari O'Dannan. She was dearly loved by her parents, her siblings, and her extended family.


Alexi was bullied at school, so badly that she killed herself by suicide. In a strange twist of circumstance, she returned a year later in the same body and age as when she died. Her parents and friends, thinking she was dead, ignored her and left her all alone to get more and more depressed as each day passed. Finally realising that her old life had nothing more to offer her, she left and wandered aimlessly until she found the Manor and the safety of the Attic.

She slipped into the mish-mash of inhabitants and kept quite, observing, until she was noticed by the others. One of which was Claire, who eventually made the decision to adopt her. As Claire added to her family by adopting two other children - Kari and Anti - she also met man (Henry) with two children of his own - Quinn and JJ - and the family became very close and loving.

Although she found comfort in her new family, she was still uncomfortable with new people, having to force herself to keep a smile on around her friends and family. Tiring of faking happiness, she began making a determined effort to live a happier life, the scars a painful reminder of her past.


Long dark brown hair, very pale skin, grey long sleeve shirt, black jeans, black converse, has brown eyes.


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