Deep down in the pits of Hell, thousands of years ago, she was formed by none other than Lucifer himself to be his loving wife. Her long purple hair and shining silver skin left every living and undead creature in awe when she walked by, her face covered by a two-faced mask. After what seemed like an eternity, Lucifer decided Culśaea wasn't good enough to satisfy his needs, and left her to burn. She did not want to let herself burn just yet and decided to seek a vessel on earth, to try better the lives of humans. In the manor she led her vessel to, she discovered she could take on her own form without dying. Since then Culśaea tries to better the lives of the humans and creatures of the Atticult, until the day her body finally burns to the ashes she got formed out of...


Culśaea is a demon formed out of hellish ashes. This does not mean she is mean and hateful. She was, a long time ago. But after the love of her life, her creator, her master Lucifer left her to die, her behavior changed. Culś is now a nice, kind-hearted person (even though she doesn't have a heart, nor is she a human) who sees the good in all her atticult family members, as well as all others residing in the manor. She is friendly and always trying to help wherever she can.


Her eyes change color depending on her mood. When she feels comfortable her eyes have an electric purple glow, while as she is infuriated her eyes are pitch black. Occasionally her skin colors black when she is really mad as well. When she uses her Dark magic her eyes glow bright white.