• Her real name is only one letter off Zanora
  • She got the name from a spelling mistake on a business document sent to her and loved it.
  • Is a real life mermaid. Put her near any body of water and she will never leave
  • She earned the title of AtticMum as a joke, because she was the oldest female in the Attic on the first day, and has taken on a caretaker role for both the servers and the people within
  • She is responsible for the structure and lore of the Attic itself, giving out directions to every newcomer regarding the features (the spiders were in a box in the far left corner, the kitchenette to the right), it's fireproof capabilities and eventually its position within and inter-dimensional portal, on the first day.
  • She is also responsible for the rules of the attic:

No Spam, Be Nice, Keep the Place Clean.

  • She is incredibly supportive both in the attic and in real life, and uses her background in social work, nursing, and education to provide a supportive, often motherly, ear for anyone that needs it
  • She has cats... if you are in Voice Chat you will hear her talk to them like children.
  • She really looks like her character descriptions. This is purely down to laziness on her behalf, and not wanting to try to remember details later on that were foreign to her.
  • She's a para-role player and prior to join Markiplier Manor she had never been involved in any serious role play (except a few small sessions of D'n'D) before the Attic.
  • She was a competition debater in high school, and had a number of articles on debated topics published.
  • Currently working towards her degree in Game Development, she hopes to create amazing content one day both digitally and for tablet-top gaming.